Example of home decor gifts in an arrangement


"Decor by Carol" creates unique arrangements of quality home decor items and specializes in gift baskets for new home buyers - enhancing the positive experience of moving in to your new home with a thoughtful and artistic memory. They are also perfect for wedding gifts and many other occasions.

You may choose a theme such as garden, spa, entertaining, kitchen, cottage, office, and one of kind pieces.

I have creative containers which are great for other uses, crates, planters, dishware, sea grass baskets, wire baskets, canvass totes with boat rope handles. There are many different useful items to choose from for the containers such as, herb scissors, Abeego food storage, Maxwell and Williams home wares, crafted wooden bowls, trays, plates, handmade soaps, brass thermometers, Scottish wool blankets and more.

You can be sure your client, friend or loved one will truly have a lasting impression.


Painting “Two Trees” by Carol


Art is a passion of mine and I love to create unique pieces for your decor.

Painting has become therapeutic and inspiring for me. Some of my pieces are calming beach scenes, birch trees, sunflowers and other nature scenes.

When I am at our cottage I collect driftwood along the beach, and transform it in to art work. I burn words on the driftwood and paint pictures around the words and also use the driftwood to attach on mirrors, I mount antiques knobs for coat hangers, and do paintings on it.

I will take custom orders and design any ideas you have.


View of a reading room arrangement by Carol


Decorating is something I love to do, I am a visual person and see things when they aren't balanced or well proportioned.

Most people can't decide which furniture or color scheme to choose, or how to use the features in your rooms. Adding to our d├ęcor year after year, we're often left with rooms that are overcrowded and not functional with little or no decorating theme. I can help you pull together the look and design of your living space.

I am able to transform colors, fabrics and furniture to change your home into a place you will love and be proud to show to your family and friends.